The top three:

Sipadan, Sabah

We dived Sipadan from nearby Kapalai Resort. The movie shows Bart at a school of jacks near Baracuda Point.

Movie shot by Liqid during our dive.

Manta Point, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a remote paradise . We stayed on Arborek Island, and in the morning we could swim with our neighbors: 16 great manta's with a span of 5 meters.

Movie borrowed from: Duikvereniging Hydrofiel Groningen. 

SS Yongala, Great Barrier Reef

The SS Yongala is a wreck about 16 km out of the coast of Queensland, east of Magnetic Island where I stayed. It is legendary. 23-10-2007.

Movie borrowed from: Nadia Aly.

Other highlights of our diving:

Rash Mohammed (Sinai, Egypt)
- Puerta Galera (Philippines)
Here Hetty took her Open Water, and Bart Advanced. Our instructor was the wonderful Rudy Frimmel, the only  5* PADI dive master in teh Philippnes.
- Boracay (Philippines)
With its incredibly white beach. Here Bart did a stream dive (hold on the sponges, mask almosy blew off), and a deep dive (with many white-tipped sharks)
- Bunaken (Indonesia)
Fantastic diving, including a night dive in the harbor. Every morning we could snorkel on our house reef with a wall.
- Maria la Corda (Cuba)
- CuraƧao
- Coron (Palawan, Philippines)